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uk-N Для цього користувача українська мова є рідною.
ru-4 Этот участник владеет русским языком почти как родным.
en-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of English.
ผู้ใช้คนนี้เป็นผู้ดูแลระบบในเมทาวิกิ (ตรวจสอบ)
ผู้ใช้คนนี้เป็นผู้จัดการโครงการ (ตรวจสอบ)
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Hi. That is my page, feel free to dig into the information provided here.

Contact information

You can contact me on/via:

my talk page emailuser or direct mail
IRC (Freenode & I use nicknames Base, Cladis, Esuba, Voiced, Base-w depending on different (number of) clients and mood. You can identify me by the cloak wikimedia/Base on Freenode and user/base-w on Sometimes I hang on ##Baseconnect. Google, Telegram: Thecladis
I'm also using,, ICQ, goodreads and other stuff. You can ask any of my accounts' details you want using any non very public way. Skype: chemist_acid

I have a SUL so all Bases belong to me. Technically my homewiki is Ukrainian Wikipedia but as I spend more time and feel better here I consider Meta-Wiki (along with its closemost sisters) as my primary wiki.

Have we met?

In Ukraine I attend local wikimeetups regularly since 2012, but you are more likely to have seen me at the CEE meeting 2014 in Kyiv, at Wikimanía 2015 in Mexico City, at Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario, at the Wikimedia Conference 2017 in Berlin, at Wikimania 2018 in Cape Town, at CEE meeting 2018 in Lviv, or at Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm. I have also attended a number of conferences and calls since the pandemic hit.


If you need any help that I can provide you using one of flags listed below (or just any kind of help :)) I would love to do it but you should poke me regularly in case if work is long in time. Some flags might have been forgotten to be mentioned here, please see sulinfo for the full list.

Sysop: meta, ukwikiq, ukwikin, outreachwiki
Editor: ukwikip, ukwikt, ruwikip
Rollbacker: ukwikip, ruwikip, wikidata, commons
Filemover: ukwikip, ruwikip, commons
Translateadmin: meta, wikidata, outreachwiki, commons,, mediawikiwiki
Upwizardcampaingeditor: commons
Bot: user:BaseBot flagged at ukwikip, ukwikiq, ukwikin, ruwikip, wikidata and here (only flags for tasks not covered by the standard bot policy are listed)
I also have an account on WMF wiki
Note: I was an administrator for a one week in the very end of September 2012 at ukwikip before I was emergency desysoped by a steward for reverting placing of political-protest banner at Sitenotice using a selfunblockable robot.


I am a WMUA member since 2013's summer. Mostly involved in WLE, WLM and Wikicondensedmilk projects.